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Rothbart’s laughter gets Siegfried's attention and the Prince quickly realizes his mistake. Odille reveals her true form and the three of them transform into their winged shapes and fly back to the castle. Siegfried follows on horseback, where the final showdown between villain and hero takes place. After a long fight with the evil wizard, Siegfried is cornered and held at sword-point. To save his life, Odette promises to Rothbart that she will love and marry him, but Siegfried, unable to bear the thought of Odette being a prisoner to Rothbart her entire life, pushes the sword into his own heart and causes a flash of light which destroys both Rothbart and Odille and all of Rothbart’s spells were broken forever. Odette and Siegfried, who ended up completely unscathed due to his sacrifice of true love, reunite and run into each others arms as the sun rises on the ruins of Rothbart's castle.

Rothbart – (laughs)

Odette – (faints)

Rothbart – (laughs louder)

Siegfried – What? Who are you and how did you get into my castle?

Rothbart – Just call me dad now that you’re planning to marry my daughter Odille (laughs).

Siegfried – You mean he’s your father.

Odille – I’m afraid he is.

Siegfried – You must be that evil sorcerer Rothbart.

Rothbart – Very smart, now Odette belongs to me (laughs again).

Siegfried – But if that’s Princess Odette who did I just propose to?

Odille – Well I told my name was Odille didn't I. (Changes back to her human self)

Siegfried – (Gasps)

Odille – It’s too late to be shocked Prince you’ve already given your solemn oath to marry me and to love me for the rest of your ever loving life.

Siegfried – My Princess.

Odette – (Wakes up and looks at Siegfried, but turns away from him heartbroken.)

Siegfried – No, please forgive me Odette.

Rothbart – (laughs) Forget it Siegfried she’s my Princess now. Oh you’re waking up at last Odette.

Odette – (grunts) Farewell, Prince Siegfried.

Siegfried – Wait, Come back Odette.

Rothbart – Get away boy, now Odette let’s go. (turns Odette into a swan and flies away.)

Siegfried – Odette come back.

Odille – Your all mine my love.

Rothbart – Nice work Odille.

Siegfried – Odette...........

Rothbart and Odille – Both laughing

(Odette goes flying back to the castle crying and Siegfried follows on horseback.)

Queen – Siegfried, Wait.

Siegfried – Mother.

Queen – What chance can you possibly have against that terrible sorcerer?

Siegfried – Please try to understand mother I have to go and rescue Odette it doesn’t matter how dangerous it might be.

Queen – As of today you’re the King of this country you can’t just do anything you please?

Siegfried – Forgive me, goodbye.

Queen – No wait you can’t. Siegfried, Siegfried.

Odette – (Odette is in her room still crying about Siegfried)

Rothbart – Could you please stop crying for one minute? One of these days you will have to forget about Siegfried. But I’m patient; I’m sure that if I just wait long enough you’ll finally give in and marry me. (Horse Winnie)

Odette - (gasps) Prince Siegfried.

Rothbart – That little runt, I’ve had enough of him. Where is he?

Siegfried – Rothbart let’s fight like a man.

Rothbart – Me, Prince Siegfried wants to fight me?

Siegfried – I came to rescue Odette.

Rothbart – Poor boy, perhaps you don’t realize that standing in front of you is Rothbart the Magnificent (shoot fire).

Rothbart – (laughs)

Siegfried – (grunts)

Odette – Please don’t let him kill you Siegfried.

Siegfried – Odette.

Odette – Runaway Siegfried if you try to fight Rothbart he will kill you.

Odille – Don’t worry Blondie, daddy won’t kill him he’ll just chase him away. Isn’t that right daddy?

Rothbart – mm – hmm that’s right how could I kill any man who promised to love my daughter and why would I go into pride myself into of such an outstanding son in law.

Odille – You better watch out daddy your little love birds flown the coup.

Rothbart – What? Odette! Where is she? Which way did she go?

Siegfried – Odette.

Rothbart – If you take one more step Odette you’re going to be very sorry you ever met that Prince.  

Odette – You’d better get out of here Siegfried.

Siegfried – No, stand back it’s time somebody got rid of this Rothbart once and for all Odette.

Rothbart – (laughs) Don’t push your luck little Prince I might just loose my patience and kill you even if you are engaged to my daughter (calls for strong whirlwinds).

Siegfried – (grunts)

Odette – (pulls Siegfried into a tunnel) Be careful.

Rothbart – Nice try (grabs a twig and turns it into a sword.) but let’s be fair.

Odille – Those two haven’t learned their lesson yet.

Rothbart – Listen to me no matter how hard you’ve tried its useless what a troublesome son in law you are (hits the wall and boulders collapse on the stairs.)

Siegfried and Odette – (scream)

Rothbart – Let’s come to an understanding Siegfried you agree to marry my daughter, I won’t squash you like a bug.

Siegfried – I’ll never marry your daughter do you hear me never.

Odille – (gasps) Well of all the nerve, I don’t want him anymore go ahead and kill him daddy.

Rothbart – You never have to ask me twice my sweet now comes the fun part (cuts a vine and it grabs Siegfried’s leg and pulls him back down.)

Siegfried – (grunts) ah, aah.

Odette – (gasps) Oh no, hold on

Siegfried – (grunts) aah.

Rothbart – (laughs)

Odette – (gasps)

Rothbart – Watch me now Prince.

Odette – Stop, you can’t kill him.

Rothbart – So you want him to live.

Odette – Please don’t kill him.

Odile – Finish him off.

Rothbart – Oh I’ll let him live Odette if you accept my humble offer of marriage. Everything has its price now have you fallen in love with me all of a sudden or do you want me to ask more nicely you always were the romantic weren’t you. Oh the most beautiful of Princesses from the moment of my heart I humbly beg you to be mine.

Siegfried – Can’t say yes, forget about me don’t give into this monster. I’m not worth it.

Rothbart – It’s up to you now, please shall I put him out of his misery.

Odette – (gasps) Wait!

Siegfried – Don't try to stop him.

Rothbart – Well please give me your answer Princess I haven’t got all day. Will you love me forever or will you let Siegfried die like a rat?

Siegfried – Odette let him kill me my life doesn’t matter.

Rothbart – Give me your answer Odette I’m waiting.

Odette – I promise that I will love you Rothbart for the rest of my life.

Siegfried – (gasps) NO Odette (grabs Rothbart’s swords)  

Rothbart – No, no you mustn’t.

Siegfried – (pushes the sword through his heart and a big flash appears.)

(Rothbart and Odille are destroyed and the castle collapses.)

Rothbart and Odille – (Scream)

Rothbart – Odille help me.

Odille – Aah.

(Odette and Siegfried landed on a small grassy hill where they were both reunited and run into each others arms.)

Odette – (grunts) Siegfried (gasps) (sighs)

Siegfried – You’re alive.

Odette – Siegfried.

Siegfried – Odette.

Now that Odette and Siegfried were reunited and Rothbart was destroyed Siegfried’s friend Adolf had found them and they all road back to Siegfried’s castle where Siegfried and Odette were married and lived happily ever after as King and Queen of the country.


Bridgette Ortiz
United States
I like to draw pictures of clothes, color and paint

I like to read mystery and fantasy books

Female: Single

Age: 22


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